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We thrive on building mutually beneficial relationships and take great pride in the company we keep.

We help decision makers, entrepreneurs, businesses  and institutions grow their business / brands through relevant , up-to-date, and effective internet marketing strategies.




Social Media Marketing

Almost half of the worlds population is into Social Media. With its wide scope, it is to date, the most affordable way of reaching your target your audience and closing a lead or sale. We show our partners how it is done.

Online Reputation Management

85% of consumers read online reviews. It takes at least 6 reviews for a buyer to form an opinion regarding a business or a brand. We will help you gather more positive online reviews for your brands. 

Content Marketing

What's your story? It is with these stories that we are able to connect with our WHY and understand better who are our target clients, the right messages to relay and the right platform. We will guide you all through it all.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team of experienced SEO professionals empowers our partners digital assets to focus on optimal user experience.With this in mind, we are always rewarded with higher position and organic traffic.

Web and Apps Development

Our professionally trained digital transformation strategists will empower you to intergrate your operations and build your digital assets around it. With this movement, we are assured of optimal and well analyzed business performance.

Business Growth Hacking

We are also assisting startups acquire new users, leads and sales. With our proven 4-STEP Business strategy, we are always accounted to what we promise to deliver.



How we help brands

We always look at the backend and see your TRUE STORY. From there we waive our magic wand and make up strategies... LOL! Watch the video and see what is the meat of our service and how we customize digital marketing strategy according to your targets.

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We always strive to be connected to our partners. Anytime. Anywhere.


We embrace change as a way of life. We aim to triumph at all cost.


We are driven by a community of storytellers and creators, and we value the community by "paying it forward".


We are driven to provide business satisfaction to our partner's success.


We value each of our partners contribution and will always strive individual and group growth


For us to make a dent in the world: DO what others are afraid of doing, and always ask WHY.



ESTRAT X has managed our website and social media for over a year now.

They have given us valuable support and data in order for us to come up with effective campaigns to further reach a wider market.

It has enabled us to increase our sales and win the coveted Stevie awards in Tokyo, Japan last 2017.

ESTRAT Testimonial Femmy Lee Magbanua

ESTRAT will make your work much easier especially when you don’t have an idea about Digital Marketing. You tell them what you want and they will execute it with creativity and class.

They offer services beyond expectation.

Cebu Digital Marketing Agency Testimonial by Carlo Suarez

Highly professional social media guru’s. Good quality of work and highly recommended. They were able to grow my Facebook page by 500% in the first month!”

Tapping this team is no regrets at all. I’ve worked with them in several projects and they have never failed to deliver what were expected of them. They do not only provide great service, but would also taught you to embrace the great advantages of digital marketing. I would never forget how they’ve helped me resolve negative online publicity. More power to your team!”


This is our bare-naked secret in growing our client's business and brands.

Identify Your Target MARKET

Who are Your Target Clients?
What is Their Persona?
What is Their Demographics?
Why Should They Buy from You against your competition?
What makes You Stand Out?


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. We will be working hand in hand with you in identifying your short, medium and long term goals. Your immediate wins is crucial to us.


We map out various combinations of strategies that can immediately hit your target goal.

Amplify Your STORY

We theme your weeks / months and think about what content will meet the theme. Our seasoned social media marketing strategists and storytellers  will  plot it’ in an agreed  file to give your plan some overall structure.

Benchmark RESULTS

Analytics, Pixels and Tracking tools are absolute necessities so that we can track performance, web traffic, engagement and other targets.

This is Who We Are. And We Are Working Closely with YOU!



Bloggers Relations

Increase your brand’s reputation by reaching out to communities of bloggers and circles of digital influencers.
eStratmedia is founded by bloggers who have the right capacity to network with the right digital influencers to amplify the brand’s reputation in the digital realm.

Channeling the brand’s core messages is effectively done with the right leverage. Thankfully, we have innovated the seemingly traditional service of establishing rapport with the influencers whose capacity to extend the brand’s message is increasingly more potent and effectual.

Through the sets of service packages in Bloggers and ePublic Relations services innovatively formulated to provide the advantageous results, a whole new meaning of Online Reputation Management is more defined. 

Online Reputation Management

Managing online reputation is a testament of service of Cebu experts who have been strategically working in increasing their individual brands online by establishing web presence and generating and promoting contents blogging, search engine optimization and social media.

The best persons to exercise the implementation in amplifying a brand’s reputation are the experts in eStratmedia who have initially and painstakingly established their brands. They are bloggers first who have won recognition and accolades. And now, they are sharing the formulae to brands and businesses that have the same and similar objectives of raising online reputation.

Get to Know our Experts:

Ruben Licera, Jr. – award-winning blogger and social media advocate, digital marketing strategist
Iren Sangre-Licera – respected social media marketing strategist and virtual whizz

The conversions of online reputation management can be attained through the implementation of strategic sets of services such as:

Web Design and Development for establishing web presence and branding
Social Media Management, Monitoring and Optimization for the brand’s presence in social media
Search Engine Optimization to promote the client’s web presence and brand images
Effective Content Management to bring authenticity to the client’s online platforms
Bloggers and ePublic Relations to innovatively establish rapport with the digital influencers

eStratmedia is an online reputation management company that delivers premium services to amplify the client’s online reputation and magnify the probability of attaining the right conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Amplify your contents and messages digitally through Effective Search Engine Optimization.
Still, the search engines rule in indexing organic pages with contents of quality based on queries. But the big question is: is your website or web page well-optimized to be easily indexed and searched for? 

Search engine optimization remains an integral part in expanding the online reputation of a business or brand. It is an aspect that requires extensive work that can be done by experts and professionals who have dedicated themselves in assuring the web pages proper optimization to be essentially fetched or indexed by the search engines such as Google.

Our goal here is to strategically utilize the necessary tools to expand your website and web pages’ contents in different channels and platforms and magnify your target keywords’ searchability.

We won’t bring the different jargons about SEO because we believe that our shared objective is to make your web page searchable and listed in the 1st search engine results pages (SERPs) for your target keywords. The more visible your business or brand is, the more chance for desired conversion to occur.

We will render the digital handiwork in a more strategic sense, utilizing our team of SEO professionals.

We have sets of SEO packages ready for your quotation requirements.

Content Marketing

Publishing digital content is not enough. The creation of content must be done in the best possible ways to effectively convey the right messaging and to attract the right audience.
Content for website, web pages and social media platforms must be created with the right essences.  The right blending of substance and modality in word structures must be apparent so as to effectively magnetize the right audience’s attention and to efficiently result to the desired conversion.

In all digital essences, content reigns supreme. It must be the regal ingredient for any digital platform. And so its creation must be fashioned in strategic way that would persuade users to click and make favorable actions.

Enticing the audience through content generation is best done by writers who have experienced in generating contents that sell. Thankfully, you are in the right site where the writers are also content managers for digital platforms.

eStratmedia has the best set of content generators who have worked extensively for different clients and various publishing sites. Generating sets of contents doesn’t end in clicking the publish buttons. Managing the contents begins right from the planning of content strategies to the promotion of the published contents in various digital platforms.

We take care of the planning, conceptualizing, generating and managing of contents for your digital presences.

To build ONLINE REPUTATION, you need CONTENT to effectively generate and manage. We are the right team to do that.