Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for In 2018

by Ruben Licera January 14, 2018 Digital Marketing Strategies

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing, often referred to as internet marketing, online marketing, or web marketing, is the marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Why Businesses and Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Social Media Marketing for Business

by Iren Licera November 09, 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies, Growth Hacking

The internet has over 3 billion active users, more than 2 billion of these digital nomads have active social media accounts.

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Key Digital Marketing Strategies and Trends to Master and Prepare for 2018

by estratx October 08, 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies

Species that adapt to survive doesn’t solely rely on strength, according to Charles Darwin. This perspective is also applicable in

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Video Marketing Tips

Top 7 Video Marketing Tips For 2017 — Straight From The Experts

by Ruben Licera September 21, 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies, Explainer Video

Every year brings new progress, and nowhere is change more palpable than in the field of technology — and how

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Facebook Advertising

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Facebook Advertising

by estratx September 20, 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies

Facebook is an online networking site which allows users to post pictures and videos, send messages and reach out to

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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Best Practices for 2017

by estratx December 05, 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies

Knowledge, put into action, is power. And so knowing the Social Media Marketing for Restaurants best practices for 2017 is

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Video Marketing Campaign

Trends and Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Campaign in 2017

by Ruben Licera November 21, 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing in 2016 has been effective when it comes to initiating new trends. That we think would be extensive

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Ethical Growth Hacking Strategies to Increase Your Website Traffic for Startups and Small Businesses

by Ruben Licera July 07, 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies, Explainer Video, Success Stories

Do you know why Google cannot simply create its own version of Instagram – or any other new innovation for

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Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Training for Professionals

by estratx July 05, 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies

For many, social media has already become their way of life, enabling them to interact with friends, colleagues and just

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Why Local SEO is Important for Small Businesses Growth

by estratx April 09, 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies

Do you want to know why Local SEO is important? If you’re thinking that the necessity of having a website

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