[INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Actionable Steps to Growing your Facebook Page to 10,000 Followers

Are you a public figure who is determined to get your message out to your target audience? Or, are you a professional who is currently working on a brand or business page to reach 10,000 of your prospect fans/followers?

I have worked with ESTRAT Media Global, as its Chief ESTRATegy Officer (CEO). And through trials and errors, we have successfully created a blueprint that allowed us to easily grow our clients pages with quality, paying customers.

Currently, we are working with dozens of clients from 6 continents just empowering them on growing their business via Digital and Social Media Marketing.

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About the author

Ruben Licera

ESTRAT X's Chief ESTRATegy Officer (CEO) Ruben Licera Jr empowers businesses by providing them actionable digital marketing strategies. Know more about him via his personal website or here.