Top Web Design Trends That You Should Master in 2018

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Apr 07

Want to know some Top Web Design Trends? The world, and everyone in it, is constantly shifting online. Sites have continued to evolve progressively and the developers tirelessly find ways to make web interaction easier for the users. Because of that, different site themes have become obsolete, replaced by new and better ones over the years. We’ve searched high and low to bring you the latest web design trends in 2014. So let’s kick it off below…

Top Web Design Trends

Responsive Design

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Having your site opted for mobile use is imperative. With the advent of iPhones, tablets and more, web surfing is not only limited to the desktop computer. Sites that are able to scale themselves in accordance to the device used have been gaining popularity compared to the ones that aren’t.


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The Flat Design can be described in one word – simplicity. Sites created via this design are meant to be simple yet provides everything that your readers are looking for. Because of its simplistic design, it frees up more space which can be used for other purposes. Most of all, it’s very user friendly.  

Video Content

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Video themed sites aren’t new, but now they’ve been pumped up and have been integrated well into web designing. You can even have moving backgrounds perfectly blended on your site. Depending on how you use it, you can easily deliver a clear message to your viewers with a single clip.


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Nothing beats classic old text content. However, this time, it’s been revamped and is better than ever. Gone are the old fonts – Google now provides a bunch of them for free, giving every site owner a chance to show everyone his/her own personalized message.

Fixed Navigation

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This feature has also been applied to a lot of sites nowadays and for good reason. Sites that have flashing navbars or sidebars might be a pain to navigate into but that’s already a thing of the past with this. Fixed Navigation has literally made our browsing experience way easier.


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Have you ever seen websites that had huge, interchangeable, background wallpapers on their main web page? Apparently, they’re selling like hotcakes now too. And I don’t see why not, seeing as how big the impact they make on the site’s image as a whole. And in the coming the future, parallax websites will surely be the ones to watch out for.

Content Focused Sites – Simplified

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These types of sites don’t rely on visuals and videos that much. They are more inclined to deliver content directly to their users without the need to supply images of the sort. But that’s what makes it so popular as well. The New York Times doesn’t let you run around in circles – it delivers the news, and every text filled content you need, right to your face.


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Informative images and colored typography all rolled into one – this is what defines an infographic image. They deliver useful information whilst being able to provide enjoyment to the ones viewing them. In fact, some of them carry a whole story along with the information and all in all, can be really appealing eye candy.

And because they’re very easy and affordable to produce, it’s no wonder they easily became one of the hottest trends in web designing as of late.

Better Images

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The problem with having so many good images is that they take way too long to load – and when you’re running on low bandwidth it gets even worse. However, developers are optimistic that better and more unique images are going to be developed because of the constantly improving technology that allows for faster loads as well as more sources for better images.

Reality Themed

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Stock photos are becoming really overused and can actually decrease your website’s conversion rate. They’re just becoming a tad bit too obvious and too bland. As the saying goes “a single picture has a whole story behind it”, a real picture of your receptionist on on the phone would be a far better choice than that than blonde model with the headset doing that stereotypical pose.

These reality based website designs are easily considered as one of the top web design trends this year just like the others mentioned above. If we have missed anything about Top Web Design Trends, don’t hesitate to comment below!


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